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Two at last!

12/06/2004 We haven't forgotten the first double birthday, but here's a picture from the second one for a start! Happy birthday Erik and Robert!

12/20/2003 Just in time for Christmas we've managed to capture the entire first year of life of Robert and Erik in pictures and prose! And what a short year it was! (apart from the occasional longer episode;)).
Coming soon: the first double birthday!

6/27/2003 They don't allow us much time to keep this site up to date, but now, after many a sleepless night, here's the special wedding anniversary edition of the nearly seven month-long life and opinions of Erik and Robert! Drop us a line if you'd like to be informed of the next update, whenever that will be!

2/10/2003 They're 10 weeks old already, their first rompers and caps no longer fit, and their diapers are called Mini rather than Newborn. It's high time that more was seen and heard of Robert and Erik!

12/29/2002 Just 27 days old and already taken? Click here to find out more about Erik and Robert's adventures!

12/2/2002 Hello World! We welcome Erik Daniel and Robert Karl, born today at 4:45 and 4:48 p.m., 47 and 48 cm tall, weighing 2430 and 2740 grams!

7/14/2002 Added some photos of the civil wedding service on June 27 today.

7/7/2002 We hereby inaugurate this website with pictures of our wedding, which took place on June 29, 2002! We'll see what else we decide to put up here later. It was great to see you all, and thanks again for coming from near and far!

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