Week 27: Mami started work again this week! While she's away for a few hours, Daddy looks after us. It's worked quite well so far, although we make it quite clear how happy we are when Mami comes home again. After all, she carries our food with her. But starting this week, we get something else to eat in addition to Mami's milk. We had our first pumpkin mash this week, on a spoon, wearing a bib, chewing around on it and spitting it back out. But we swallowed a bit, and had a lot of fun in the process. Mami thought we did very well for the first try.
We also went to Dr. Wagner again for the U5, our fifth regular checkup, and our third round of vaccinations. It wasn't so bad this time, and we got over it quickly.
We went to the meeting of the La Leche League again, followed by our twins reunion. Wednesdays are always quite exhausting, what with all these conferences!
To top it all off, we experienced our first summer storm this week! It was very exciting. First, the sky went dark while Mami was buying diapers and when we came out of the shop, whirlwinds were racing through the street. We stared through wide-open eyes to see what was happening, and we were a bit scared because Mami looked worried and kept telling us to close our eyes as there was so much dust flying through the air. Then suddenly it started to pour, and Mami was soaking wet within seconds. We were safe and dry in our pram, which Mami had already covered with its rain cover. But getting us from the pram into our car seats without getting us wet was a tricky business, and we didn't make things easier by deciding and loudly announcing that we had had enough and wanted immediate feeding!

27th Week

Robert and Erik