Week 38: We've suddenly been stricken with separation anxiety and fear of strangers! We get very cranky when Mami tries to go away from us. She always says she'll be back, but who knows? As soon as we see her we are very happy. And if Daddy comes we are happy too. But sometimes, if suddenly a strange person gets too close to us, we start to cry.
We went waterskiing with Mami and Daddy this week. This time Mami got on the skis. Last year it was Daddy's turn, because we were growing in Mami's belly. But this time Mami had to go into the water and she started freezing almost immediately. But she had a lot of fun anyway and she wasn't even that bad at skiing. When she was too cold, she took us to her breast and we warmed her up by breastfeeding. So everybody was happy.
On August 22 we went to Julia and Laura's birthday party and we all played together very nicely.

Erik and Robert