Week 52: By now, we've already learnt what "No!" means and we know quite well that we are not allowed to touch the dishwasher or bang against the mirror in the hallway. But we have to find out if that is the same on the next day too. Every day we test our limits. The fact that the mirror hasn't fallen on our heads yet is only due to Mami and Daddy's fast reactions.
We've learnt to play ball. We both love racing after a ball, and whoever gets to it first throws it further. It's also fun to play ball with Mami or Daddy. They always roll it back to us, and we usually throw it in their general direction.
We're getting good at playing unsupervised by Mami or Daddy, but when one of them comes in, we have to romp with them. Then we climb, hop, roll, bounce and laugh and squeak with delight.
We're also getting rather athletic. Now that we can reach the tabletop with our hands, we try to pull ourselves up on it. And Erik did his first pull-up that way this week! He has also started crawling on his hands and knees.
All this action calls for the occasional pause to catch our breaths. And that's when we like to cuddle. All of us enjoy these short breaks, but most of all Mami!